3 Types of Insurance Your Road Construction Business Needs

Building highways and streets is a major undertaking that will be required for many years. This industry is worth around $102 billion and employs over 200,000 people. Whatever role you play in the construction of roads and streets, you must obtain highway and street construction insurance to protect yourself and any employees you may have. Find out what kind of road construction insurance you’ll need before you start getting bids.

Highway and street construction businesses need the following insurance.

Business Liability Insurance

You’ll need insurance that will accompany you no matter where your business takes place, whether it’s on a home street or a big highway. When you include general liability coverage in your highway and road construction insurance policy, you can rest assured that if someone is injured on your job site, their medical expenses will be covered.

Business Personal Property Insurance

BPP will reimburse the cost of necessary repairs in the event of a covered disaster. This coverage applies to your building sites and any other commercial property, such as your office or warehouse where you keep supplies.

Workers Comp Protection

No matter how carefully you’ve educated your employees to be cautious, they may get an injury on the job, such as when handling heavy machinery or sharp instruments. Working with some substances over an extended amount of time may potentially make them unwell.

Umbrella insurance and surety bonds are also recommended, but if you start with the above three types of road construction insurance, you’ll be on your way to good coverage.

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