Due to fraudulent claims made, last year showed a loss of $1.3 Billion within Florida’s Medicaid program. This resulted in 400 arrests and charges made to recoup that targeted loss. These false claims made and the subsequent arrests are to date the largest healthcare fraud takedown in history. With the combined effort of all local and federal agencies, Florida has saved at least $400 million dollars since The Strike Force’s inception in 2007. Having this in place enables the state to utilize the recovered money to further help those in need of medical assistance.

Florida is not the only state who is involved with The Strike Force. Los Angeles, California; Detroit, Michigan; southern Texas; Brooklyn, New York; southern Louisiana; Tampa, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; and Dallas, Texas include all other cities and states that are actively involved in maintaining order. There are many incentives for someone to report fraud and can find out more info by clicking the link below.

To report fraud please visit this link: https://oig.hhs.gov/fraud/report-fraud/OIG_Hotline_Poster.pdf

Source: https://oig.hhs.gov/fraud/strike-force/

By clicking this link you are able to see the transcript of the first Strike Force meeting.