Average Timeline to Build a Superyacht

Gliding through the water like a majestic mansion, superyachts have become a popular item among the wealthiest people. These floating luxury ships can take over a year to complete. Yacht builder liability is one way to protect your business while you complete the project.


A customer comes into the shop with a vision of their project. The design team then gets to work planning all the details from the look to the engine to the color on the walls. Once everything is planned and designed, the company draws up the contract for everything from the payment schedule to the build timeline to build specifications.


With the contracts in place and signed, the superyacht is ready for construction. The design team works with the builders to construct the hull and keel. Once those are done, they focus on interior work, deck spaces and fine details. Before the vessel is ready for delivery, it must pass sea trials.


As referenced on, the yacht builder takes on the liability for the luxury ship from start until delivery including any unplanned disasters. Liability insurance can protect the company assets, so you can focus on creating the best product possible. Then you can delight in the satisfaction of delivering it to your customer.

An issue somewhere in the timeline can cost money and time for the project. Protecting yacht builder liability can bring peace of mind during the long timeline of ship production.

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