Risk Management Strategy

Create a Risk Management Strategy for Your Library

There are countless issues that an establishment like a library faces. From mold to rodents to the tricks of time, there are plenty of ways that the assets stored in your library can become damaged or completely useless. Thankfully, you can reduce the odds of this happening by putting a risk management strategy into place. Developing a process for handling risks before they become disasters is a fantastic way to protect and preserve the contents of your library.

Assessing Unique Risks

There are plenty of specific library risks that should be taken into account when it comes to your management strategy. First, you should consider the general threats facing your establishment like damage to the building itself. Next, start factoring in the more unique risks that your specific library faces. If you’re in a damp climate, then the odds of mildew damaging books is higher than an arid environment. Digital data is also housed on many library servers these days, meaning you should factor this into your management plan. Other points to focus on include:

  • Employee coverage
  • Unforeseen natural disaster or flood
  • Conflict with patrons of the library

Developing a Practical Plan

Creating a risk management strategy that includes all possible threats facing your library is a fantastic way to stay protected. Look into your options with insurance and see how you can take your management plan to the next level.