Caitlin Morgan

Deciding On A Place For Your Parents

It’s always a little jarring to be reminded that Mom and Dad are the elders now and that you and your siblings are the adults. When it comes tome for your parents or parent to downsize and move into a new place, what are some things you should all be thinking about when deciding on a place?

How Much Help Is Needed

Are Mom and Dad pretty independent and need a helping hand here and there, or do they need round-the-clock care and reminders to take medications? This can make the difference between a 55+ apartment community and an assisted living facility.

Whether Or Not The Place Is A Good Fit

It might seem like aspects like facility insurance and enough handicap parking spots would be a given for elderly folks, but not all places are as forward-thinking. When researching a facility, ask questions about insurance policies and what happens if one of your parents has an emergency. If you have more specific questions, check out what the insurance experts at Caitlin Morgan have to say about it.

Are They Comfortable There?

Chances are your parents will be living their final years at this place, so their happiness is the most essential part. Are they comfortable and safe at this place, and how would they feel about living there long-term?

Making grown-up choices is never easy, but it’s part of the walk of life. Include your parents in all decision-making and be sure that you know what you’re getting yourselves into before uprooting them.

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