Patient Records

Digitizing Patient Records

Digitizing Patient Records

Many people are resistant to change, but once they see the benefits or potential for the areas in question, they are more to get on board and be supportive. The healthcare industry has seen a lot of changes recently, from the passing of the ACA to the improvements in robotics, assistive devices, and software. There is a lot of new technology in healthcare, most of which is improving the experiences of patients, physicians, and insurance providers across the country.

Benefits of Technology Use

One of the improvements to the healthcare systems is the digitization of records, billing, and diagnostic reporting. Patients who are under the care of a physician are able to have the records hosted online, where their provider may consult with a specialist in real-time. Patients are also able to access personal portals where they can view test results, schedule appointments, or pay bills. The staff at recognize how important this instant and remote access can be to the bulling departments as well. Insurance approvals can take place over electronic means, rather than spending time on the phone waiting for confirmation.

One of the downfalls associated with the benefit of digital records is the increased risk of data exposure and a loss of patient privacy. Electronic data is constantly under attack from the dark world of the internet, and caution should be taken to protect private information at all costs.


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