Do Public Officials Need Liability Insurance?

When you work with the public, situations may arise that result in lawsuits. Liability insurance for public officials provides essential coverage to protect you from potential losses.

Defending yourself from allegations of wrongful acts is costly, even if the claims do not have sufficient grounds. You may win the case brought against you, but the attorney fees and court costs are still hefty expenses to pay. Ensuring you have adequate protection to mitigate these costs is crucial as lawsuits have become frequent occurrences in our society.

Do You Need a Public Officials Liability Coverage?

This policy type is similar to directors and officers insurance but is specific to those who serve the public. People working in the following public entities benefit from this coverage:

  • Cities or towns
  • Boroughs or villages
  • Public agencies
  • Authorities
  • Special service districts
  • Commissions
  • Public board members
  • Elected or appointed officials
  • Volunteers

What Claims Does Liability Insurance for Public Officials Cover?

When lawsuits occur, public officials insurance safeguards individual employees and officials as well as the entity itself. Coverage for employment practice violations may include:

  • Misleading statements or information
  • Errors & omissions infractions
  • Breach of duty or negligence allegations

When your job requires you to work with the community, you face unique legal risks. As a public official, it is crucial to protect yourself from potential lawsuits and subsequent legal expenses.

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