Marine Vessel Pollution

Do You Need Vessel Pollution Liability Insurance?

Have you considered what would happen if the marine vessel that you operate had a sudden leak or spill? The cost of remediating environmental pollution in a marina can be staggering. After a boat experiences a maintenance issue and leaks fuel or oil, the spill can affect a widespread area in a matter of minutes. State and county agencies, as well as federal regulations, govern the specific procedures mandated for effective remediation.

In any instance of marine pollution, the responsible vessel will be strictly liable for all damages related to the event. In any scenario of strict liability, especially one involving the possibility of substantial damages, it’s important to have the right forms of coverage from an experienced provider.

You can protect yourself from serious liability by obtaining vessel pollution liability coverage aimed towards covering the cost of environmental cleanup. This type of policy was created over 45 years ago, as seen on It protects policyholders in the event of an environmental accident in a marina or waterway and addresses potential damages such as civil penalties, bills for cleanup efforts, and claims for damage to natural resources. The policy will also include coverage for legal defense for a claim related to pollution and a Certificate of Financial Responsibility Guarantee.

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