Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Educators Yes

America’s schools take on a monumental project, educating the young and preparing them at every level for participation in civic and professional life. While many teachers don’t realize it, this creates a complex challenge for school boards and administrators tasked with risk management, leading to unique insurance needs. Whether it’s extended public liability insurance because of the size of the student body and use of the building after-hours or teacher E&O that covers everything from civil rights claims to decisions made under pressure while managing the classroom, the right insurance is absolutely vital for public and private schools alike.

What Does Educator’s E&O Cover?

Every policy is different, but in general, errors and omissions coverage aimed at schools should hit all the basic areas it covers for other industries, but with the policy language that reflects the kinds of risks schools face. That means:

  • Full prior acts coverage as an option
  • Consent to settle clauses with various levels of co-insurance
  • Claims made coverage
  • Duty to defend & pay for covered claims

Additional options you might find include provisions to cover civil rights claims, which some policies exclude, as well as coverage for employment practices and personal injuries related to them. Some programs even offer upgraded protection for school crisis management, avoiding the need for additional coverage specifically for crisis situations. Teacher E&O is designed to make it easy for your school to get the coverage it needs, so don’t be shy about shopping for the perfect policy when you request quotes.