Laundry Insurance

Features of Commercial Laundry Insurance Programs

Every industry carries its own set of risks, and commercial laundry operations are no exception. The right commercial insurance package is a useful tool to help mitigate the risks associated with coin-operated and self-service laundry operations. Having coverage with certain features is especially important to your business’ success.

Coverage for Losses Resulting From Equipment Failure

Whether your laundry units go down or a boiler fails, replacing a piece of equipment can be a major expense.  Be prepared by having coverage in place to cover losses that result from broken or failed equipment. If you operate out of your own building, consider property damage protection to further limit losses.

Liability Protection

The cost of litigation and damages from one accident can derail your business. Understand the most likely industry-related accidents and how to minimize them is important. You should always have adequate coverage to shield your assets in case of a claim.

Additional Coverage

Sometimes you will need additional coverage to ensure you are fully protected. These can make the difference between a policy that meets basic requirements and one that truly fits the needs of your business. According to the experts at, some options you might want to consider include:

  • Business auto
  • Group life insurance
  • Umbrella policy
  • Damage to customers’ goods
  • Workers’ compensation coverage

A Broker With Industry Knowledge

An insurance broker that is experienced in the commercial laundry industry can help you develop a risk management strategy that fits your needs. This will help you understand and lower your risks, and it can also result in lower coverage costs.

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