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How To Minimize Fire Risk During Mega Yacht Manufacturing

Building a mega yacht can take years to finish with multiple stages in the building process. The end result is a beautiful seaworthy vessel. Protecting your business with a marine product liability program during the building helps mitigate some of your risk. Here are other ways to reduce the chance of fire.


Welding is probably the greatest cause of fire for marine builders. The welding torch burns at high temperatures to bond the metal pieces together. Unfortunately, with all the wood used in a yacht, one small move can catch the vessel on fire. Make sure your welder uses proper safety gear and stays focused on the area they work in.

Fire System

To combat the potential of fire, make sure you have a fire suppression system installed prior to working on the mega yacht. These systems should have fire sprinklers, smoke detectors and connect to a monitoring company or fire department. The sooner you can smother the flames, the less damaged the vessel is. Make sure your employees understand the proper fire safety in the event a fire occurs.

A marine product liability program that includes builders risk hull insurance helps you protect the investment of time, money and resources of building a mega yacht. Once the yacht is complete, it is time to launch it for a satisfied customer.

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