Protect Employees

How To Protect Employees at Home and Abroad

Your employees are the heart of your business. Protecting them with the right insurance is vital for long-term success on multiple levels ranging from financial safety to personal confidence and loyalty. When employees are a few miles from your offices, choosing the right coverage is easy. However, if they are in other countries, you need to protect them with foreign workers compensation coverage.

Picking the Right Policies

The best coverage for employees working abroad should cover important areas.

  • Defense Base Act, or DBA, coverage, which may be required anyway
  • Repatriation coverage that pays for injured or sick employees to be transported to reliable medical facilities
  • Round-the-clock protection for a wide range of variables

The best coverage for foreign workers will help you save money on your domestic workers’ compensation packages by dividing foreign losses from domestic claims.

Why You Need International Insurance

Domestic policies covering your employees generally offer at least some coverage for short international trips. However, if you have employees intending to reside and work in foreign nations, you need specialized coverage designed for this complex situation. Furthermore, relying only on your domestic workers’ compensation coverage may raise your rates.

Protecting employees working abroad with specially designed insurance is an investment in your future, and it is good business practice now and in the future.