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How Visitor Injuries Can Affect Your Business

Business owners have a variety of liabilities to insure against. One such liability is in response to someone got hurt on my property. Bodily injuries while someone is on the property can make your business liable for their medical care and potentially more. Here’s what you need to know.

Visitor Classification

The experts at Thayer Innes Insurance state visitors fall under four classifications: invitee, licensee, special guest and trespasser. How the guest is legally classified affects the amount of liability you may owe should they be injured. Someone who is illegally on the property does not have the same rights as someone invited.

Property Use

How the property is used can affect the business’ liability. For example, an industrial plant should have certain protocols in place for visitors. Should the visitor fail to undertake the protocols, the owner may not be liable for their injury. However, if no protocol is in place, the business may not be showing the property safely.

Dangerous Conditions

Your business should rectify any dangerous situation as quickly as possible. By addressing the problems, you can reduce your liability while decreasing the chance someone becomes injured.

Someone got hurt on my property does not instantly put your business in a precarious position. Taking the time to create a safe property while visitors are on the premise can go a long way to decreasing the risk of an injury.

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