Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance for Social Workers

Everyone should have coverage for their work, regardless of their field of expertise. Social workers are no different, as they need to be protected from being sued because of malpractice. While they may do an amazing job, there’s no predicting if someone will be upset by their work, so it’s best to be covered ahead of time.

Coverage for Social Workers

Social work liability mainly comes in the form of professional liability insurance. Lawsuits can arise from a number of different scenarios, including those who are unhappy with the way a social worker handled a situation, negligence of a worker or simple mistakes that have lasting effects. Unfortunately, some people may try to take advantage of a social worker’s good efforts through an unfounded lawsuit, and it’s essential to be protected.

Coverage for Damages

Damages that occur while a social worker is on the job should be covered by general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance only covers financial loss, so general liability is important to protect the worker against injuries from accidents and property damage that may arise. Having both of these insurance policies covers all your bases and ensures costs and damages are covered regardless of who is at fault. You can call your insurance company to discuss these policies.

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