Dry Cleaners

Liability Insurance Protects Dry Cleaners Against Damages

Legal disputes are always a risk when you run a business. Laundry cleaning companies are no exception. If someone’s property winds up damaged in your care or due to a malfunction of your equipment, you may be asking yourself are dry cleaners liable for damages? The answer is typically yes.

You Can’t Predict Every Mishap

Accidents happen. You cannot always predict whether a piece of clothing may come apart. It may not be an act of negligence on your behalf, but the customer can still hold you liable. For instance, clothing can suffer wear and tear before the client uses your service. Then, due to normal wear, the cleaning process damages the clothing further.

Laundry Costs May Be Too High

Your business may not be able to afford to cover damages every time a person files a lawsuit due to damaged clothing. Often, these claims can pile up. Also, some people trust your facility with expensive clothing items. For instance, wedding dresses can cause thousands of dollars and sometimes have sensitive designs that are prone to damage.

When someone is unhappy with your service, it opens you up to potential lawsuits. To have insurance protects you when someone has a legal dispute. Regardless of whether the allegations are true, insurance can not only help pay a settlement, but it helps with the legal fees.