Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

Safety has to be a priority for employers across all industries. Here are some reasons why companies need to be vigilant about the use of Personal Protective Equipment PPE.

Prevent Injuries

Some workplace activities are inherently more dangerous than others. Requiring personnel to wear PPE for certain tasks can significantly reduce their risk of sustaining a serious injury.

Comply With OSHA Regulations

In some occupational fields, employers must provide PPE to their employees. Failure to do so could be an OSHA violation.

Demonstrate Professionalism

People who hire service companies want to see that they are performing work safely and correctly. Being consistent about PPE use gives clients confidence about a provider’s competency.

Avoid Liability Issues

Employees who sustain accidents on the job may need to file workers compensation claims, and they can also pursue general liability claims. Strong PPE policies protect employers from considerable liability.

Create a Positive Company Culture

People appreciate when their employer genuinely cares about keeping them safe. Initiatives that emphasize the importance of PPE shows people that a company values them and wants to keep them safe and healthy.

Employers should evaluate whether they are currently following best practices for PPE use in their industry. They also need to affirm that their methods to enforce existing policies are effective.

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