Merrimac Marine Insurance

Repair Vessels Bring Maintenance to the Sea

No longer do vessels have to hobble into port for a repair. With mobile ship repair vessels available, repairing your vessel is now more convenient. These ship repairing vessels have technologies and services ready to help patch a ship for safe transport to the port.

On-Board Shops

Since the ship may need to repair a variety of different types of issues, the repair vessels have shops onboard ready to create and manufacture parts. Woodwork and metalwork shops can create patches for holes caused by fire or collision. Battle damage is a common issue in hostile areas making these ships necessary component of navies.

Beyond War

While navies use them during war-prone areas to repair ships hit in battle, these ships have come in handy after natural disasters. They have been used after ships were hit by major hurricanes. These repaired ships can then provide necessary aid to the afflicted country hit by the storm. Merrimac Marine Insurance reminds us that innovative solutions are necessary to combat the unique risks facing repair companies.

Technology Options

In order to meet the needs of damaged ships, many repair vessels have heavy cranes on board to move large objects with ease. Generators and pumps can help eliminate water from coming on board and create power.
Ship repairing is necessary for protecting investments in cargo and human life around the world. Staying on top of the latest technologies ensures the companies can meet those needs.