Risk Management For Combative Dementia Patients

Caregivers in nursing homes and other settings have many challenges, but combative dementia patients are especially concerning to risk managers. Providing compassionate care is the highest priority, but it must also coincide with a safe environment for both patients and employees. The most effective way to ensure that is a three-pronged approach.

Employee Training

Employees should know how to deal with the sometimes difficult and dangerous situations patients pose to themselves or others. Skills like conflict de-escalation and applying safe restraint techniques will help employees and residents remain unharmed.

Adequate Supervision

Having combative dementia patients in a nursing or care home necessitates additional supervision. Many facilities choose to hire security contractors, but it’s equally as important to have the proper ratio of staff to patients to ensure patients are carefully watched.

Proper Insurance

Even with the best prevention program, employees and patients may end up hurt during a patient’s episode. Insurance for any facility should include coverage for workers’ compensation for employees injured on the job as well as liability coverage in case the patient’s injury leads to damages or legal action.

Patients suffering from dementia are sometimes subject to combative episodes that are dangerous for all involved. Therefore, managing the risks is an essential component of a comprehensive care plan.

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