Risk Management

Risk Management for Landscaping Operations

Providing beautification services for residential and commercial customers is the goal of landscaping companies and landscapers, and for all of the benefits their services bring, the services are fraught with risks. Accidents and exposures could cause great financial loss for the company or individual ill-prepared to handle or address the risks.

Paying for Protection

One of the best ways to proactively address the risks you face as a landscaper is through landscaping insurance. There are multiple concerns that comprise a landscapers legal liability, such as damage to a client’s property, theft of equipment, and bodily injury to those you employ. The premium cost for such a protective policy depends on the specialization of your company or services. The more extensive the services you offer, the greater the exposures you face, often requiring a more extensive coverage plan.

Extending Protection

One insurance policy isn’t usually able to comprehensively cover a landscaper’s risks. General liability deals with property damage and injury claims, but the use of your truck to transport your equipment and tools requires a commercial auto coverage policy. If your company has several employees, you may be required to have a workers’ compensation plan in place in the event of an injury on the job.

Knowing the exposures you face on the job makes it easier to mitigate them. Insurance coverage is a vital form of risk management for your landscaping operations.

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