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The Threat of Cyber Attacks and the Protection of Insurance

The Threat of Cyber Attacks and the Protection of Insurance

Businesses are under constant cyber threats that grow and evolve with each passing day. Cyber security insurance offers the assistance your company needs in the event that a cyber attack occurs, so you can recover and restore your client’s faith in your business.

What Is the Potential Damage?

Predicting a cyber breach is nearly impossible. Hackers and viruses can be undetectable until after the damage has occurred. These hackers look specifically for sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit card account information and even business plans. Damage that can result from these attacks include the following:

Lost or stolen data

Leaked information

Dangerous viruses

System malfunction

How Does Insurance Help?

In order to recover after an attack, you need specialized assistance in the form of an insurance policy. Having one of these policies shows your clients and associates that you take cyber security seriously and will work towards rebuilding your business without sacrificing your integrity. Cyber security insurance can help with the following aspects after an attack occurs:

Crisis management

Notify clients

Legal costs

Credit monitoring

Extortion fees

No matter what kind of business you’re in, there is the potential for a cyber threat. Having cyber security insurance allows you to feel confident that you have a recovery plan in place if an attack occurs.

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