Tips To Improve Staff Retention in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are facing an alarming staffing shortage. This is filed by a number of factors, including demanding work, low pay, personal health risks and unfavorable shift schedules. Poor workplace management can also play a large role in high employee turnover rates. Luckily, a revolving door of care staff doesn’t have to be the norm at nursing facilities. These tips can help you improve working conditions to improve morale and retain top talent. 

Value Personel

Each and every person that works at your facility brings value to it. Acknowledging and appreciating that value can make a huge difference in employee morale. Instead of objectifying staff by treating them as replaceable, invest in training and development programs that uncover and utilize the strengths that each one brings to the table. 

Improve Scheduling Practices

Implementing a scheduling system that accommodates the needs of a diverse workforce can greatly improve nursing home staff retention. Taking the time to explore emerging scheduling models can help you develop practices that work for your employees, which will improve morale and attendance rates. It can also help distribute less popular shifts evenly to reduce caregiver burnout — a major problem in nursing facilities. 

Nursing homes can work to reduce staffing shortages by valuing employees as individuals with lives outside of the facility. Improved scheduling practices can help move your facility closer to this goal. 

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