Top 3 Ways To Avoid Fatigue-Related Car Accidents

Fatigue is one of the common causes of car accidents in America. Driving while tired is a deceptively dangerous practice for many otherwise responsible drivers. It can result in car accidents that cause injury or even death to the driver and others on the road. These are the top three ways drivers can avoid fatigue-related crashes.

Rest Up

It’s not always possible to get adequate sleep, especially when out on a road trip. However, planning to rest periodically during the trip is essential to preventing tired driving. Drivers can take short naps at rest stops, and even just pulling off onto a side road or business is sometimes enough to provide a stimulating change of scenery and time away from the hypnotic effect of miles of highway.

Switch Up Drivers

Traveling with a companion who is able to share the driving responsibilities is helpful to preventing tired driving. Drivers can work out in advance who will take time shifts, and they may be able to get more travel time than would be possible with just one person driving.

Pull Over When in Doubt

Obvious signs of sleepiness like yawning or the inability to keep one’s eyes open are telltale signals that it’s time to stop and rest. However, drivers need to pay attention to the more subtle signs like suddenly realizing they’ve been driving without paying attention or missing turns.

Part of responsible driving is not getting behind the wheel while impaired, even if it’s only fatigue. Preventing tired driving will save lives.

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