Boat Repair Technician

What To Know About Becoming a Boat Repair Technician

Many boating enthusiasts have an aptitude for the mechanics of boating and are skilled at diagnosing electrical issues or making repairs when engine failure or breakdowns occur. If you’ve considered your talent to assist other boaters needing repairs, a potentially lucrative business venture opens up serious liabilities.

Mobile Boat Repair

Portable repair services are a way to reach more boaters or stranded vessels left behind in marinas or public launch areas. To effectively assist your clients, you need more than just an expert knowledge of the electrical or mechanical functions of a vessel. Expert mobile boat repair tips include:

  • Carrying an adequate amount of business insurance
  • Educating clients and boaters about general maintenance and upkeep
  • Developing a relationship with area docks and storage yards
  • Obtaining the proper certifications to ensure thorough knowledge
  • Buying the right equipment for safe, efficient repairs

Insurance Protection for Repair Services

The right insurance is crucial to protecting your business from the financial burden of operation liabilities. While there are a number of potential exposures, you may be able to bundle several policies to address them comprehensively. You will want to ensure your vehicle is covered, your equipment, your services, and any property you have where you store your business items.

There is a market for mobile repair services, and you need to be prepared for the liabilities it presents. Meet with an insurance agent to determine your best options for coverage.